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Our Clients

At Passehl Financial, we understand the opportunities and risks associated with running a company. That’s because we’re business owners, just like you. We’ve experienced the highs and lows, the peace and stress, and we know firsthand what it’s like to pour everything you have into the business you love. We have all the respect in the world for those who are willing to put it all on the line to make their dreams come true, and we have a special affinity for helping entrepreneurs like you succeed.

We pride ourselves on being highly specialized for specific types of clients rather than trying to be everything to everyone. The people we serve are all unique, but they have some important things in common that make them a good fit for our services.

  • They are usually business owners, successful executives, or physicians
  • They range in age from their early forties to retirement
  • They are very busy and successful in their careers
  • They want to find the right balance between enjoying life now and protecting their future
  • They are motivated and goal-oriented in many areas of life
  • They tend to be wise with money and have good financial habits
  • They have never had a holistic financial plan, they just have different things in different places
  • They want to do the right thing and need someone to help them look at the big picture
  • They care about their family and their community and want to leave a lasting legacy

If that sounds like you, then we’d love to learn more about your needs and goals and see how we may be able to help you accomplish them.